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Auricular Medicine for Weight Reduction and Smoking Cessation


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Have you tried everything available to lose weight or to stop smoking?

You've tried

Fad Diets

Support Groups

Herbal Supplements

Diet Pills

Not eating certain foods altogether but nothing seems to work

You've tried everything you can think of to quit smoking and you still smoke?

We offer an ancient therapy using a stimulus point in the ear. A surgical steel staple is inserted in a specific point.
The staple can stay in your ear as long as needed to help you lose weight and keep it off or to stop smoking forever!


In the US approximately 60 percent of the people are overweight and 33 percent of adults are considered obese.
Health consequences associated with obesity include, Hypertension, Diabetes, elevated cholesterol, heart disease, polycystic ovarian Syndrome, lower self esteem and self confidence.Thirty three percent of youth engaged in minimal physical activity and sixty six percent of adolescents do not meet minimal recommended levels of physical activity which is approximatley 60 minutes per day.Thirty three percent of adults consume fast food. Fast food alone causes weight gain and increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. Many people have been dealing with obesity their entire life.

Our goal is to make you understand obesity and provide sympathy and understanding about your eating habits. Our program empowers you to make decisions to improve your health through nutrition and physical activity.
Reference- State of Obesity



Our weight loss program is a comprehensive program that incorporates auricular therapy (Ear stapling) along with healthy eating, exercise and medical treatment if indicated.



During your first visit our staff will give you a comprehensive educational lecture about healthy eating and exercise including tools to help you understand obesity including risk factors and complications of obesity.
The lecturing usually last approximately 45 minutes. After the lecture our staff will escort you to an examine room. An examination will be performed by a Physician including calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index).
After the physical examination under sterile conditions a surgical staple will be inserted inside the earlobe. This Auricular point will surpress the appetite resulting in the consumption of fewer daily calories and thus enhance gradual weight loss. If indicated a prescription will be given for an appetite suppressing medications.
At the present time there are five medications approved by the FDA for weight reductions. That includes Adipex, Suprenza (Phentermine), Qsymia, Contrave, Saxenda and Belviq.


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